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Professional & Valuation Services

Triton provides valuation services, including financial modeling and cash flow forecasting, for entire enterprises or business units as well as individual assets.

Asset and Contract Valuations

  • Power Plants and PPAs

  • Pipeline, Gathering and Storage Assets

  • Processing Facilities

  • LNG regasification terminals

  • Renewable facilities, including coal gasification and other clean-tech assets

Uses of Valuation

  • Attest Function (MTM Accounting)

  • M&A / Due Diligence / Restructuring (value and cash flow appraisals)

  • Income Tax (tax attribute utilization and credit determination)

  • Property Tax (assessment value negotiations)

Specialized Skill Sets/ Expertise

  • Excel and Data Base Modeling

  • Statistical Forecasting

  • Accounting

  • Business Incentives (will the local government support your project)

  • M&A and capital markets due diligence and support

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