R&D Credit Services

The federal and state research and development credits are available to many companies in the energy, life sciences, construction and software industries.

The R&D credit has a four part test that companies must meet for it to be applicable:

  • Permitted purpose – Develop a new or improve an existing function, performance, reliability, quality, or significant cost reduction
  • Eliminate uncertainty – Eliminate uncertainty concerning capability, methodology, or appropriateness of design  
  • Technological in nature – Discover information that fundamentally relies on the principles of physical science, biological science, computer science or engineering
  • Process of experimentation – Substantially all the activity constitutes elements of a process of experimentation


The credits are available for some activities where companies:

  • Test new concepts or technologies
  • Employ or contract with engineers, scientists or other technical personnel
  • Develop or improve production processes


Triton has the expertise to maximize this valuable and under-utilized income tax credit:

  • 21 years of R&D credit project experience
  • Over 60 years combined energy industry experience
  • Work with tax advisors & staff
  • Provide feasibility studies at no charge